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Social Worker

I teach students how to protect themselves from danger and be the best version of themselves. I do this through my story and subject matter expertise, as well as helping other aspiring authors tell their story so together, we can impact the next generation of leaders.


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Love it!

This book is perfect for children of all ages! It’s important to teach our babies about boundaries! Definitely recommend 🙌🏼

Sierra Dakota

Educating the youth on Boundaries

My goal is to educate children on understanding what boundaries are. Many kids are sexually assaulted and go uneducated about how to avoid people who try to groom them.   

Are you a community leader and educational leader who serves children between the ages of 

2-10 that you wish to educate about the importance of sexual assault prevention? Contact me today to speak with your class.

Have a story you want to tell?

I specialize in helping aspiring authors share their story with the world. Before the global pandemic caused the world to shutdown. I was blessed with an amazing book idea but sadly, didn't have the time to write my book. Though it was a simple children's book, I was swamped at work, school, and being a single dad. Time? I rather use that time to sleep. On November 2021, I was finally able to publish my book and start this important conversation with families all around the world.

Many come to me for advise on publishing and creating a brand. I would always ask them "Why haven't you published your book yet". They would always respond that they don't have the time to even write let alone they don't know how to get their work published.

It truly breaks my heart when people have an amazing story; can start such a necessary conversations, but are not equip with the resources to share it with the world. So allow me to assist you in getting your story written and published by contacting me. 

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